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Here at S&R Fastener we're all about safety first. That's why we've included all of our products safety sheets here. Click any of the links to the left and the PDF will open in a new window.

DISCLAIMER: We're human, so are you hopefully. If we have forgotten a sheet or one of these looks outdated; do us a favor and drop us a comment.

Safety Data Sheets

SDS   3175 | Super Glue 2 Gram Tube.
SDS   3210 | #SSG-A Quick Gel 2 Gram Tube.
MSDS   3575 | White Lithium Grease 14oz.
SDS   3576 | Tube-O-Lube Graphite Lubricant
MSDS   3577 | Hi-Temp Wheel Bearing Grease 16oz.
SDS   3578 | Lubrimatic (LMX) Red Grease 14oz.
SDS   3579 | Lubrimatic Disc/Drum Grease 14oz.
SDS   3601 | Concentrated AC U/V Dye.
SDS   3602 | Polyol Ester plus UV Dye.
SDS   3603 | Odor Eliminator & Air Purifier.
SDS   EAP5-140G | Hylomar Exhaust Assembly Paste.
SDS   HYRF3 | Hylomar Gasket & Jointing Compound.
SDS   KX62Y | Tire Marking Crayon - Yellow.
SDS   KX490F | Buffing Solution Quart.
SDS   KX491F | Buffing Solution Aerosol.
SDS   KX507F | Tire Bead Sealer Quart.
SDS   KX508F | Liner Sealer 16oz.
SDS   KX511F | Super Fast Drying Cement 8oz.
SDS   KX1208 | Tire/Tube Mounting Compound 8 lbs.
SDS   KX81501C | Tire Mounting Lube Conentrate Gal.
SDS   MAGIC | All Natural Hand Industrial Cleaner.
SDS   MAGICTOWEL | Magic Hand/Surface Towels.
SDS   PAG46 | A/C Lubricant 8 fl. oz.
SDS   SCRUB | Industrial Hand Cleaner.
SDS   U428 | Primerless to Auto Glass Urethane Adhesive.
SDS   Z495525 | Zenatize Country Disinfectant.
SDS   Z495775 | Zenkill III Long Shot .
SDS   Z496515 | Zencircuit II Contact Cleaner.

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Autobahn Coatings

TDS   MSDS  AC9015-1 | Urethane Clear 4:1
TDS   MSDS  AC9040-5L | Euro Clear 2:1
TDS   MSDS  AC9044-1 | Glamour Clear 4:1
TDS   MSDS  AC9045-1 | 2+1 Glamour Clear 2:1
TDS   MSDS  AP8040-1 | Euro Prime Gray
TDS   MSDS  AP8316-1 | Epoxy Primer Black
TDS   MSDS  AP8320-1 | Epoxy Primer Gray
TDS   MSDS  AP8414-1 | Self Etching Primer
TDS   MSDS  CPS-X1 | Aqua Mask
MSDS  AH6170-4 | 2+1 Glamour Clear Activator Fast
MSDS  AH6180-4 | 2+1 Glamour Clear Activator Medium
MSDS  AH6190-4 | 2+1 Glamour Clear Activator Slow
MSDS  AH6270-2.5 | Euro Clear 2:1 Activator Fast
MSDS  AH6270-4 | Euro Prime Catalyst Fast
MSDS  AH6280-2.5 | Euro Clear 2:1 Activator Medium
MSDS  AH6280-4 | Euro Prime Catalyst Medium
MSDS  AH6290-2.5 | Euro Clear 2:1 Activator Slow
MSDS  AH6290-4 | Euro Prime Catalyst Slow
MSDS  AH6370-4 | Urethane Clear 4:1 Activator Fast
MSDS  AH6380-4 | Urethane Clear 4:1 Activator Medium
MSDS  AH6390-4 | Urethane Clear 4:1 Activator Slow
MSDS  AH6480-4 | 4:1 Glamour Clear Medium
MSDS  AP8300-1 | Epoxy Primer Activator
MSDS  AP8415-1 | Self Etching Catalyst
MSDS  AR2050-1 | Uni-Reducer Medium
MSDS  AR2150-1 | E-Z Blend Solvent