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Cost Recovery System

The S&R Fastener Co. Cost Recovery Online System is an easy to use website-based software designed to help Repair Facilities recover the costs of fasteners, electrical connectors, wire, sealers, adhesives, tapes, etc., that are used in the daily collision repair business. The cost of these materials were often expensed and never fully recovered by the repair shop. Insurance companies were reluctant to pay for these items unless they were presented with a detailed invoice that itemized the cost of those items by vehicle repair order. Consequently, those items remained unbilled and ultimately cost the repair shop hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the course of a year! Now using any computer with internet access, S&R Fastener Co.'s Cost Recovery Online can enable body and repair shops to recover these expenses.

The Repair Technician is given a parts list form which provides a column for the part Number, Quantity and Description if needed. During the course of the repair, whenever a technician obtains a part from the parts bin, the technician will record the part Number and Quantity on the parts list form. When the repair is completed, the technician will then turn the completed form into the office where office personnel will then generate an invoice from our Cost Recovery Online website software. This detailed invoice is then submitted with the repair order to the insurance company.
TECHNICIAN COOPERATION is ABSOLUTELY necessary for this program to work properly.
This software is owned by S&R Fastener Co. and is free for all S & R Fastener approved customers. Please contact your Sales Representative to get started.
The Cost Recovery Online software is hosted on our server so we take care of any updates for you. You do not have to load any software on your computer or server! That means NO software installation problems and NO update problems. We will do all the updating our self, leaving you the extra time to get the important things done.
This system was designed for cost recovery. We know that it would be impossible to submit claims for everything, but we know in these times, every little bit helps.

Contact your Sales Representative now to get started!

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